Dr. Shouqi Xie

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O Palestrante Dr. Shouqi XIE gentilmente respondeu a algumas perguntas referente  a sua apresentação e algumas impressões sobre a aquacultura.
1) What do you thinking of this event?

AN: I think it is a wonderful meeting. It is a good platform for the communiction of researches and also the industies.
2) Which importance of this event for the growth of aquaculture in Brazil?
AN: The symposium provides new knowledge  for aquaculture industry and of course improve the growth of aquaculture in Brazil.
3) What are the similarities and diferences between Brazil X China in the aquaculture? 
AN: The similarities are the resource of freshwater and some similar speies such as tilapia. Brazil has very rich resources in freshwater organisms and it could provide more species for potential animals for aquaculture. And the natural water bodies were more original and protected.  
4) And about the differences which one do you recommend to be implemented in Brazil.
AN: Good conservation of natural water ecosystem is the most important thing.

5)  In your opinion the formulation of fish feeds and feeding excess contributes to the accumulation of waste in farms, Which technologies and developments exists today to reduce this problem.

AN: It is a systemetic work including species/strain selection, farming system and style, water quality control, feed ingredient selection and diet formulation, feeding regime etc.
6) At the event there was a company that was selling automatic feeders powered by solar energy. Do you believe that this new technology will contribute to the development of aquaculture.
AN: It is a kind of green energy and the automatic feeder could help to save the human from the labour work.
7) Wich area of aquaculture still needs more researches?
AN: Actually, auquaculture still requires more and more research as there would be more and more new technology could be included into the industry. The most important research should be carried on water quality control, selective breeding, diet formulation and accurate feeding

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